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The Heidedal Community Theatre Program.

This program seeks to expose young people to ways in which they can express their ideas and emotions in a manner that cannot be done in language alone. It can be used to carry a message and spread information in exciting and visual ways that captures the attention of the target group and ensures the absorption of the information. More importantly the program wishes to encourage questions and generate discussions.

The use of theatre conventions by Reach Our Community (ROC) Foundation, serves as a perfect means of encouraging new ways of relating to and understand social relations. It can create a harmonious atmosphere to create meaningful dialogue on sensitive issues. Lectures and reading matter are largely one-way systems of teaching. Theatre on the other hand when effectively used can be considered a two way system, encouraging the spectator to engage in a dialogue. When issues under discussion are sensitive, theatre can help attract an audience, engage their attention, then involve them in discussion and even build support groups to address the issue in all the ways that it affects the individual personally.